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Veronica is one of our newer part-time faculty members. This semester she is teaching Fundamentals of Ballet Technique and Inter/Adv Ballet.

What is your favorite memory from your career?

"I have two favorite career memories: 1) getting to perform with Alvin Ailey and City Center in New York. Having Judith Jamison in the wings & having her positivity was infectious. 2) Performing at Sadler's Wells in London with some of my favorite people on earth. Dancing is beautiful, wonderful & chasing the precision and "perfection" are also key factors, however the friendships are what always keep me going back for more."

When/how did you get into teaching?

"I began teaching ballet because as I was working at the front desk at Stanley Holden Dance Center, Stanley Holden gave me an opportunity to substitute one day, and it just kept building to more classes. I owe that man so much not just for teaching ballet but also teaching Pilates and other dance jobs that I would NEVER have had opportunities' to. It never ceases to amaze me how much everything is connected & one moment can change the entire trajectory of events."

What has your experience been like teaching for LMU on Zoom?

Teaching on Zoom for LMU has really made me appreciate both worlds of being inside the studio and gratitude that we have this medium to continue and still be connected. The students are present on all levels as they transcend the limitations of the small screen. I feel very honored to have this chance to teach and learn from the students, to make this an opportunity to continuously strive for excellence during a time when we cannot do all that we are used to in a studio i.e. grande allegro. I would hope that we are all reflecting on our technique in new ways and also outside of the ballet sphere and gaining fresh new perspectives!

Veronica Caudillo                             

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