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Kevin Carpio

Kevin is double majoring in dance and computer science, both of which he's been doing for more than 7 years. Kevin originally found dance as a form of therapy, but it quickly became a passion of his. Kevin chose to attend LMU because it allowed him to continue exploring both interests at a collegiate level. Kevin's  favorite style of dance is modern with hip hop influence since that is  where he has his roots. In the future, Kevin would like to open his own studio and provide a space for underprivileged youth to explore dance since it can be a very expensive art to be involved in. Currently, Kevin is an RA, works at the lion’s den, and helps facilitate a dance crew. "I think over this past year, I’ve really re-evaluated my relationship with dance and begun to fall back in love with it because sometimes it can feel like a chore when it’s your major. I think being able to be back on campus and in the studios has been so amazing for us dancers because we really feed off each other's energy and it’s good to be back." - Kevin Carpio

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