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Health and Wellness is at the core of our dance education. Not only is physical health crucial for the longevity of a dance career, but mental and emotional health is a priority for dance students as well. 


Our very own lecturer and physical therapist, Mavis Rode, is offering virtual appointments and programs to help with the following:


-Injury/Injury Prevention

-Fitness and preparedness for full dance studio classes

-Strengthening/Cardio endurance work

-Personalized fitness/programs adapted specifically for you

-Any concerns you have about your wellness


Please sign up for appointments or meetings with Mavis using her signup link here.

Sign up for Pilates using the link here. 

Book an Athletic Training appointment in Burns Recreation Center here.

All of your faculty and staff are here for you and LMU is always a resource for support.


Light Reading to Help Stay on Top of Your Wellbeing

We understand the transition from online to in person is a big one! Although extremely exciting, having a full dance schedule again can be taxing on the body. Here is an article to give tips about how to handle this transition. Stay healthy and take care of your bodies!  

Here is an article giving you steps to take care of your body as a dancer. We are super humans and need to nourish what our movement comes from.  

Though little research has been done on the impact of wellness programs for college dancers, experience suggests that teaching students to care for themselves helps them staying healthier and reduces the impact of injury and improves performance. This article gives more examples as to why you should take health and wellness so seriously when it comes to dance.  

This essay focuses on dancers, dance practitioners, and choreographers in lockdown conditions: their own personal experiences, bodily practices, and imaginations that helped make sense of what was, or has been, happening during the lockdown.  

Pilates Certification Resource

Yoga Certification Resource

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