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Alexa Nof

What is one thing that you feel helped the most in building the career you have now? 

The one thing that helped me build my career most is my drive for always wanting more and continuing to make connections with people. Also staying true to who I am and not conforming to the norm. 

Do you have any tips on networking?


My tips for networking would be to always go outside of yourself and beyond your comfort zone. Take a lot of different classes from different people in the industry. Don't be afraid to reach out to people and ask questions. We are all human. 

What advice do you have for college dance students? 


My advice for college dance students would be to continue on a path that truly feels good for YOU. Don't do things to make other people happy that will only backfire in the long run. I would say it's important to have goals and reach them. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR JOURNEY WITH OTHERS. There is something very special about every individual journey. We don't all get to the top the same way. As long as you stay focused and have faith you will get to where you want to go. Don't be attached to the outcome. Have 100% involvement in everything you do and low attachment to the outcome. 

What were some challenges you went through within your career with COVID?

Covid definitely came with some challenges. My career felt like it was at a pause, but I continued to be creative. I never stopped creating content and continued to build who I am as an artist. It was challenging not knowing what the future holds for us dancers and a bit stressful but I always had good faith that god would prevail. Having a break with covid let me find more of who I was and what my own style is so in the long run it was actually a blessing. 

What inspires you to create your specific movement and work? 

My specific movement is inspired by so many different things. The most influential part of my creative process is the music. The music really takes me on a ride and I follow through. My specific movement is inspired by many movement artists. The council women are a main group of women I pull inspiration from. 

Any advice you may have for dancers entering the industry?

Advice for dancers entering the industry is it's a tough industry and it's not for the weak. You will get a million no's before you get a yes. Your self talk is the most important. Don't let things get you down because this industry is a hard one. Do it because you love it. Trust the process. Sometimes we don't see where the end result is going but always trust your gut to tell you what is for you or not. 

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